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Water Security Systems

GROHE Sense and Sense Guard


Whether homeowner, tenant or landlord: one of the biggest fears at home is water damage. This costs money, work and time and if an action is not rapidly taken, it could ends up with a major renovation. Indeed, it can quickly lead to mould growth and this can cause huge damage. GROHE has developed a system that quickly detects water leaks and immediately alerts you with an alarm and remote notification by means of an application. >>Learn more about how to protect your home from water damage

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GROHE Sense is a small, discreet device that can be installed anywhere where water damage can occur and warns you in an emergency to avoid damage. The device can be installed in just 10 minutes and is ready to save you a lot of money. It is not only specialized in detecting and reporting water leakages but also has other functions:

✔ Measures the temperature once an hour and warns you when frost appears.

✔ Measures humidity and warns you if it exceeds the selected limit for more than three hours.

There are many installation possibilities. Wherever water can escape, there is a place for this small device: in the kitchen, under or next to the washing machine, in the cellar or in the bathroom. For hard-to-reach areas, the extension kit or the Sense+ version may be a wise choice.


Sense Guard goes even further and even switches off the water automatically as soon as it detects a pipe break. This function is particularly useful when you are not at home. In the event of a water leak, immediate action is taken and no major damage can occur. In addition, Sense Guard measures the temperature of the system and warns you when freezing occurs. This can be particularly useful in second homes and holiday homes. Another advantage of Sense Guard is that it transmits the amount of water consumed to the Ondus application. This allows you to monitor your consumption daily and take countermeasures if it becomes too high. It also allows the system to detect and alert you if an unusual consumption occurs. This makes it possible to detect leaks in taps and pipes.

Unlike Sense, Sense Guard is installed directly on the main water line. Therefore, installation must be performed by a professional. In less than an hour, you will be fully protected against water damage.

Both systems can easily be combined with the GROHE Sense Set, consisting of a Sense Guard and three Sense sensors. Depending on the type of water pipe and your usual drinking behaviour, it may take some time before the water is turned off. That is why GROHE recommends combining the two systems in order to obtain a totally safe result.

GROHE also thought about residents of a smart home. Sense Guard, for example, works with Nest and allows you to turn off the water when you leave the house. This can be done immediately or with a time delay. When you come home, the water is automatically restarted. This gives you a new security against water damage.

Visit our GROHE brand store and learn more about Sense and Sense Guard.

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