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Bathtub Taps

Bathtub Taps from GROHE

GROHE Bathtub Taps

Once you have opted for a bathtub, you have a very wide choice of taps possible. GROHE offers a broad range of bathtub faucets that will seduce you with their varied designs, but also with the types of faucets that are presented to you. For example, you can choose a floor standing bathtub faucet. They are particularly elegant when combined with a freestanding bathtub. However, this type of tap takes up a lot of space. If your bathroom is small, a wall-mounted bathtub tap would probably be a better choice. They are available as a single lever or two handles mixers. Some models are sold with an integrated hand shower. Taps mounted directly on the edge of the bathtub are an interesting alternative to save space. There are models with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 holes. There is the spout, the mixer (with a lever or two handles), a holder for the hand shower and possibly an inverter. These can make a very nice effect in your bathroom. If you prefer a more discreet or even minimalist tap, GROHE offers concealed models. In these models, the technology disappears into the wall and only the parts necessary for operation are visibly mounted on the wall. If you would like to know more about GROHE bathtub mixers, click here.

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GROHE offers sophisticated technologies

All GROHE faucets offer optimal functionality, cutting-edge technologies and attractive designs. Bathtub taps are no exception to this rule. Single-lever mixers are usually equipped with the GROHE SilkMove cartridge, which makes the operation of the lever very fluid for precise adjustment of water temperature and pressure. Thermostatic bath mixer taps are equipped with GROHE TurboStat technology to provide water at the desired temperature in a fraction of a second. Even when the water pressure changes, the thermostatic tap reacts to maintain the correct temperature. The SafeStop button set at 38°C prevents children from raising the temperature to prevent burns. The StarLight coating protects the faucet from scratches, dirt and limescale, which also makes it easier to clean and keeps it shining for a long time. Finally, by providing a limited number of spare parts and flexible connections on its models, GROHE QuickFix reduces the installation time of your mixer by half.

Please note that not all taps are equipped with all these functions. Please have a look at the product sheet of your favourite model for a list of its features.

The models including a hand shower have the associated technologies and different types of sprays such as the GROHE-Normal cooling and soothing spray. The GROHE-Champagne spray is extra rich in air and forms large drops for a body and mind relaxing effect, while the GROHE-Jet spray is concentrated and circular. It stimulates your skin but may also simply be used to clean the tub. The GROHE Rain spray is well named: it is wide and generous as it pleasantly wraps you like a warm summer rain. The GROHE SmartRain spray is similar to the previous one except that it uses less water. You will find the hand shower types of sprays in the product sheet of the bath and shower mixer of your choice.

In terms of technology, GROHE DreamSpray ensures a uniform and balanced flow from all nozzles. TwistFree prevents the shower hose from twisting on itself while making the hand shower comfortable to handle. With the help of SpeedClean, limescale on the nozzles can be wiped off with a cloth or the tip of your finger. GROHE Inner WaterGuide ensures that the surface of the hand shower does not become too hot to protect your skin from burns. The chrome finish is also protected for a long-lasting shiny appearance. Besides, GROHE has become involved in a more responsible use of water. The SprayDimmer reduces the water supply to the hand shower without sacrificing your comfort. Similarly, EcoJoy can reduce water consumption by up to 50% without significantly changing how the shower feels. Not all these technologies are available on all models. Feel free to consult the product sheet of your favourite model for a list of its features.

A variety of taps designs 

GROHE bath taps are generally made of brass because this material is robust. A wide range of metallic shades is also available, allowing you to find the right faucet for your bathtub and bathroom décor. Surfaces can be shiny, brushed or matt.

You can choose a design series that matches the style of your bathroom. Some of them are presented to you, such as the Eurosmart and Lineare series, which are purist and minimalist, while the Grandera and Allure Brilliant series have a more extravagant look. The Eurocube series uses, as its name suggests, square shapes, while Concetto is roundly shaped. Now it's up to you to find the style that suits you!

Here you will find bathtub taps from other manufacturers.

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