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Low Pressure Basin Taps

Low Pressure Basin Taps at xTWO

Low pressure basin mixer taps for washbasins and baths

Comes with regulated water supply for efficient consumption and smart usage

If you are looking for low pressure bathroom taps, low pressure basin mixer taps, or bath taps in general, then your hunt for the perfect taps ends here at xTWOstore. We host an assortment of best selling low pressure taps from our modern and traditional styled collections that’s loved all across the world. While making your purchase for low pressure bath mixer taps it is considerably important that the products you choose also provide the correct pressure for your home water systems. Getting this basic configuration right ensures that you are able to achieve the best performance from your taps. Just in case, if the specifications are too overwhelming for you to understand, then you might find our left navigation bar handy in selecting the right kind of tap for your needs. Each of our products also lists its specifications and features to help you identify the right use of these products, and in making correct and informed decisions. >>Read more

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Low pressure basin mixer taps are generally a perfect fit for non-pressurised water heaters as these always require a low pressure inflow. Our range is available for both taps for kitchens and taps and mixers for bathrooms. Across these mixer taps the outlet is permanently open, and as you turn on the tap, fresh water flows into the boiler. This further pushes the hot water upwards. In this way, low pressure taps respond to the water expansion in a drip-fashion where drop-for-drop overflow occurs during each heating phase. This is generally the mechanism for low pressure systems. If you combine an open-vented water heater to a conventional kitchen tap, the boiler might get damaged, as conventional taps for the kitchen or baths completely lock the outlet in the closed position and do restrict any overflow.

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Our website lists a wide range of low pressure taps for open-vented and non-pressurised water heaters for sink units and bathrooms. The list adds on to variants with a hand spray or swivel spouts too. As for the bathroom, there are combinations with an open-vented water heater in the guest WC, which is also highly demanded across the store. Our range of low pressure taps come from top brands like GROHE, HANSA, Hansgrohe, and Ideal Standard.

The technical information, dimensions, how to install and product related manuals along with service instructions are listed on the product-specific pages. These can be fetched by simply clicking on the desired product. Throughout our website across all pages you will find an easy navigation bar on the left side that lists options to choose from. To make a specific search for low pressure water taps, you can make use of this category navigation panel to handpick products that best suit your requirement. These can be picked on the basis of color, series type, dimensions, and brands that you best like. You can of course also use the additional filter options to narrow your choice even more. Our wide choice of series offers you hundreds of products to buy from - Concetto, Ceraflex, CeraMix Blue, CERAPLAN III, CeraPlus 2, Connect Air, CONNECT BLUE, Eurodisc Cosmopolitan, Euroeco Special, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, Eurosmart, Eurostyle Cosmopolitan, Eurostyle, Eurosmart CE, Eurostyle 2015, Eurostyle 2015 Solid, Focus E, HansaLigna, HansaMix, HansaPinto, HansaPolo, HansaPrimo, HansaRonda, HansaTwist, HansaTwist XL, HansaVantis, HansaVantisStyle, Logis, Metris, Novus, Talis E, Talis S, Tesi, and VITO.

Our leading brands for low pressure washbasin taps

    • GROHE
    • Hansgrohe
    • Ideal Standard

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