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When designing the perfect bathroom, there’s one element that often trips up homeowners and renovators. You may very well instal the most superb bath tub and the most elegant sink, and have gleaming chrome fittings throughout, but then you step back and the room looks bare. This is because, just as when you design an outfit, you must not overlook accessories! Because bathroom accessories get changed quite often, they’re very easy to miss when you’re looking at the bigger picture for your design. Alternatively, some decorators try too hard to match their new room design to a particular cherished accessory. Whether you’re redecorating or just looking to make a small, cheap change that spices up your existing décor, why not start with a blank canvas. Building your accessory collection from the ground up can be a great way to breathe new life into the room, or ensure that your redecoration is consistent. These items are affordable and easy to find when you shop around online. More often than not, websites have discount items that are not available in a store.

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Designer accessories to make your bathroom complete

When you’re redecorating the whole room, don’t get too focused on the bath, toilet or sink units. Save a little of that budget for the items that finish the design and get a lot of daily use. They don’t have to be expensive if you look for the brands that offer affordable accessories, nor do they have to be plain and basic. Even if you’re simply looking to spruce up the room, you can benefit by checking out some of the more design-focused manufacturers out there. These are just five producers of excellent accessories that can complete your room design: Grohe, Keuco, Hansgrohe, Emco and Dornbracht. Grohe are a household name for contemporary fittings. For example, Grohe have the Allure range, which includes a chrome brush set and liquid soap dispenser. Both of these add a smart elegance to an otherwise humdrum, everyday element. Keuco are another well-established brand producing very modern alternatives to typical accessories, like a cube-shaped toilet roll holder and matching items that stand out with deco style. Keuco are known for the Keuco Plan range, which features affordable chrome items and a touch of gadgetry, like a hairdryer and cylindrical roll dispenser. The Plan Care variant caters to people who need assistance, with folding seats and hand rails to help with bath time. For simple, unadulterated style try Hansgrohe. The Hansgrohe Logis range covers every item in the room, and incorporates some glass elements that should complement a light, airy room. Emco have a towel rack in the System 2 range, which showcases towels on four sturdy rails. Lastly, the Tara range by Dornbracht has some sleek black items, such as towel rings, if you want something different. Consider these options when shopping for bathroom accessories and you won’t be disappointed. This is a room in constant use, which deserves a little tender loving care.

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